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Welcome to my website I hope you like my tableware, in porcelain and stoneware.  Both are high fired, making then strong.  I make my own glazes, I enjoy experimenting.  Almost all my work is thrown on the wheel, sometimes altered, pushed and tweaked.  Handles should be good in the hand and they give an opportunity  to add a special decorative  touch which would not be found on commercial work.

The highly prized translucency of porcelain belies its strength.  It does wonderful things with glazes and a current favourite is Opal, a very delicate turquoise.  It can be thrown thinly for those who love to drink from a delicate rim on a cup or mug.  As well as teapots, mugs and bowls, jugs with generous swooping handles, porcelain lends itself to pretty lidded pots, vases and vessels with gold lustre.

The Countryware range is distinctly different, made from stoneware, like porcelain, it is high fired and robust.  Casseroles with traditional lug handles, gratin dishes with twisted handles, little cafe jugs with bright  interior colours as well as generous tankard mugs for a satisfyingly good cup of tea.  Putting a creamy white satin glaze over a vessel which has been coloured with slip (liquid clay), has produced some good results.  Over a bright red slip, the end effect is a pretty pink blush.

Making hand thrown pottery is such a pleasure and so is eating and drinking out  of each unique piece.

Some recent work

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